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KALASO' Guest House hosts a reception open to the public at different times during the day and evening. If the reception is not open at the time of your arrival, the property is equipped with electronic devices to allow you to check in independently.

The facility's toll-free number is always active and at your disposal for any need.

Kalaso Bikes

Bike Renting

KALASO' Guest House offers its guests, free of charge and without any time limit, bicycles equipped with safety chains and night lights.

You can reach the beach and all the places of interest nearby even more easily independently.

Thermal baths

Fiumicino was founded during the period of the Roman emperor Trajan, and was born close to what was at the time the port of the city of Rome. A few minutes away, you can live a unique experience at QC TERME, an exclusive location born on the ashes of the original thermal baths from the Roman era.

QC Terme Roma
Ostia Antica

Archaeological site

A few minutes from the structure there is also the archaeological park of Ostia antica, listed among the archaeological sites of the Roman era in the best state of conservation.

A unique experience to add to your itinerary.


However, if you feel like dedicating yourself to a day of shopping, just 10 minutes away is the combination of two shopping areas, The Wow and Parco da Vinci.

Discover hundreds of shops and restaurants in Italy's largest shopping centre.

Parco Da Vinci
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